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Shirt Care

Caring for your Vastros shirt

Shirts Well Worn

Our shirts can help you get the devil-may-care look, but only if you take care of them first. Each shirt has handcrafted fine details, and it'd be a shame to see them turn into handcrafted lumps of shrunken frayed threads.


Recommended Cleaning

For superior results, lasting quality, and a much more relaxed life, we recommend dry cleaning each of your Vastros shirts. You don't even have to break a sweat on these guys and they'll be paying you back for a long time.

Guidelines on washing

If you prefer not to dry clean, most of our cotton shirts can be washed with like colors in cold water, and then tumble dried low. To prevent shrinkage you can hang them on a wooden hanger to air dry instead.

Collar stays

All of our shirts come with collar stays already inside to keep your collar straight and ready for business-casual wear. Make sure to remove the collar stays from your shirt before washing and/or ironing it. If you don't, they are likely to warp with the heat, causing the shirt's collar to curve and give you a kinda psychedelic 70s look.

Give love, get love

Shirt Worn Out?

Sometimes a shirt just gets a little worn out with time. If you feel this way after 30 days with your Vastros shirt, you can send it back for a 10% discount on your next shirt. Plus, we'll donate it for you!

Our Donation Program