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  • #Vastros
  • July 07, 2018

    What is the story behind Vastros? And why do we exist?

    Started from San Francisco, now we're here.

    Frankly, we've gotten tired of seeing men dress the same and casually with the minimalistic approach – thank you, David Beckham. We love the guy, but he made wearing a t-shirt for everything look so cool, everyone has made that their go-to. What happened to the days when men would put an effort into looking good by wearing more than a simple t-shirt. There is a time and place for that, and there are some places where the effort goes a long way. For instance at a nice dinner or bar.

    We know in today's busy world, it's easy to grab the first t-shirt hanging in your closet. What happened to trying and wearing a shirt once in a while. After all, we believe that a shirt does define a man. We get it – many guys don't want to come across as over-dressed, and a shirt does come across as work-attire. So we decided to design shirts that are more than the work shirt. We're talking more than the white shirt or classic blue gingham 🙄. We wanted to make shirts so creative and comfortable that you can spend every moment in them, and wouldn't hesitate to wear them. We got thinking and researching and voilà. A couple of months later we had come up with our initial collection of shirts that had unique designs that haven't been seen before, had an amazing fit, and used some of the highest quality fabrics. 

    So our mission from the start has always been to make men look different and show them that they can put an effort into dressing without the hassle and effort. Additionally,  they can show their individual character with any shirt they wear. We will continue doing just that.

    Thanks for reading and with that, we leave you with this quote.

    Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.

    — Arthur Ashe


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