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About Us

You already are the most stylish man in the room.

The Beginning ...

It all started with a sea of bland.

The days of the grey suit might be over, but office uniforms are still here. From t-shirts to oxfords, the new lax dress code has pushed men to the middle. Unsure of how to dress or develop their own style, they reach a safe stale shirt at the department store.

The Problem

Many options, no choice.

Even more troubling was the fact that all these brands buy their fabric from the same makers, so while two men might have different brands of blue gingham shirts, they still look identical.

Introducing Vastros

Introducing Vastros

We're a San Francisco based studio, focused on crafting accessible style upgrades for every man.

The Vastros Way

Why We're Different

Our secret sauce is built right into the name, which comes from the world's oldest language – Sanskrit and Greek. Vastr means clothing, and os means having something – put them together and, well, you get the idea.

The Details

We start with the classics, and then release the remix. From subtle to bold, our contrast collars, alternate stitching, and unique palette elevate your shirt game.

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The Fit

It's common for a shirt to claim it's slim, but our fit doesn't just get shrunk in the wash. These shirts live up to the name, perfectly tailored from neck to shoulder to hip.

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The Exclusivity

Each run of fabric is limited edition, hand-selected by our designers from artisans in little corners of the world. When we're out, we're out – so no one else can jack your style.

We Give Back

Our cotton recycling program helps reduce manufacturing's footprint on the world. Send us an old shirt, and we'll donate it plus give you 10% off your next Vastros shirt.

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Most Importantly, We're Designed For You

There's just one guy out there like you. Give yourself the freedom to be exactly as you are.
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