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<span class="home-hero-video-text">Everybody's Favorite Shirt</span>

Everybody's Favorite Shirt

If you’re looking for your new favorite shirt, look no further.
And if you weren’t, well, here you go anyway.
Find Yours

Our handpicked artisan fabrics with the highest quality 100% cotton satin gives them that "Oh my god this feels amazing, it makes me feel great" feeling.

Plus, we've added some subtle design details to make them one of a kind. So you'll never match that guy in the office again.

Signature Detailing

Every shirt has its own unique detailing that makes every shirt a work of art

Signature Collar

Your go-to shirt, with a collar that's perfect for a buttoned or unbuttoned look

Signature Fit

Our signature slim fit and curved hem gives this shirt a tailored look

Signature Print

Custom prints you can’t get anywhere else. Don't worry we've got the classic solids too.

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