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Explore Issue 03

Friday 10.20

It's mid-morning and the team is already getting restless for an out-of-office coffee break. Luckily, you know a shop with a premium Peruvian blend that doesn't have a line halfway around the block.

Friday 1.35 PM

You can't stop thinking about that big pitch – well more like that pitcher craft stout at the new pub you're gonna show the guys tonight. Thank God you're in management.

Friday 6.12 PM

Okay you've actually been out of the office for 3 hours already for a power nap but now you're ready to keep it going until 4AM. Refreshed, fresh shirt, let's meet up and show them what this town's got.

Saturday 11.58 AM

You manage to find the one burger place you haven't been to yet for a hearty recovery meal with your favorite exploring companions. You let them know you heard something about a beach party kicking off in a few minutes...

Saturday 4.27 PM

The weekend's about halfway done, and there's so much more to do. You knock the sand out of your shoes and head to the grand opening of your friend's rooftop bar. It may be getting chilly, but they've got nice heat lamps and a nicer hot toddy. It'll be a great place to check out the early autumn sunset.

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